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Join Us Now Please be patient. Your registration is in progress. Please choose a male seeking a female a female seeking a male From: Yemen State City Birth date: Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Day 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Year " User name: A mental health care professional, Nika thinks that to have special knowledge made him feel meaningful and powerful and allowed him to create a wedge between himself and his family.

Then Nika got pregnant. She remembers one particularly poignant morning.

She was getting ready to go to work when her husband asked her to watch YouTube videos with him. He wanted to prove to her that the Sandy Hook parents were crisis actors, or possibly Satanists who wanted their children to be killed. To try and convince Truthers that at least some of their theories are bogus could backfire, Brotherton says, explaining an effect that has been studied in the context of global warming and the Birther conspiracy theory.

Believe 9/11 was a hoax? Single? Try this dating site with a wicked twist

Built into their logic is the idea that if anybody tells you you are wrong, either they have been deceived or they know the truth and are trying to deceive you. When President Obama released his birth certificate, for example, it should have been conclusive and ended the controversy.

But even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Birthers fought to find their assumptions confirmed. According to a study from the Pew Research Center in , dating websites are generally frequented by slightly more men than women, but this imbalance usually falls within a few percentage points.

New conspiracy theorists dating website for singletons who believe was a hoax | Daily Star

While Fidden tells me that his site has a better gender ratio than the average dating site, quite the opposite seems to be true. A quick search for potential partners in a mile radius from Houston, Texas revealed that of the available Texans, are men. Women make up only 14 percent of Awake Texans.

There are 12 gay Texan Truthers, nine of whom are women.

"AWAKE" Dating site for Conspiracy Theorists

In Brooklyn, New York there are 36 Truthers, six of whom are women. Women Truthers tend to focus their efforts on different types of theories. They are more interested in medical—or quasi-medical—stuff, particularly in the field of nutrition, autism, vaccines and water fluoridation. I contacted a handful of dating experts hoping they could shed light on the gender relations and dating challenges among Truthers. DeAnna Lorraine was the only one willing to talk, and I soon find out why: Lorraine also has encountered more male than female Truthers.

Women may be more self-conscious and shy about vocalizing their beliefs. So they are feeling this urgency.

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And they really want to find a partner to not be alone in this. It would make the journey obviously more enjoyable for them. Is envisioning the end of the world more enjoyable as a pair?

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Civilizations have always ended one way or another, he tells me, dispassionately listing a slew of examples. So far Lorraine has advised her Truther clients to keep their beliefs private, at least on the first few dates. It can scare people off. I would tell them to talk about neutral topics for the first few dates, and then slowly reveal some of their beliefs and perspectives. Ask the other person some questions to see what their level of awakeness is! The other person may be able to jump on board with them, and they can grow together.

DancingDark was quickly falling in love. Irishguy22, an unemployed year-old from Dublin who lives with his mother, is a really good listener.

He is all around sweet and remarkably awake. The two chat and talk via Skype for hours. Soon DancingDark is planning a meeting somewhere in Europe. When I ask her whether there will be sex, she giggles again. Irishguy22 has about 50 photographs and memes on his Awake Dating profile. There is a photograph of chemtrails and a picture of a—quote unquote—Islamic terrorist. Another meme says that The New World Order is the biggest terrorist organization in the world.

Pictures of pot plants are preceded by a picture of Emily Parker, a 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim, alive, presumably days after the shooting took place. For a while Irishguy22 and DancingDark chatted and Skyped almost daily, but things between them deteriorated rapidly when he mentioned, almost in passing, that he is on Cialis, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

DancingDark broke off the relationship immediately. DancingDark just really likes Irishguy She plans to meet him in Amsterdam soon. To our members from the 'anonymous' community; would you like to take part in our 'Hack and Attack' day? We're testing our new mobile apps and responsive site, and we'd like to invite you to a day of fun and cyber-security testing- set for March 20th.

We've been called 'truthers, slurred as being 'conspiracy theorists'- what we are is 'early adopters of inconvenient truths'- we are AWAKE. Our dedicated iOS and Android app and new site are almost ready!

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To our new members from Snapchat- welcome. We've got new dedicated mobile apps and a whole new site only a couple of weeks away- stay tuned. Sections of this page.

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