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Please note our regularly scheduled meet up January 19th is cancelled due to the Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale.

It weaves up and down, and around, many rock formations to the west of the "Wonderland of Rocks" area, and is very scenic and beautiful. Be prepared for stellar rock formations, and a good array of perennial wildflowers. Upper intermediate, modestly strenuous, based mostly on length of hike, weather and up and down trail along our way. If we can handle it as a group, we'll shoot for just over ten miles, otherwise I'll modify and shorten the hike alone the way.

We will make our way through some very hilly desert terrain, ascending and descending, with a total gain of over 2, feet estimated , and through some sandy areas as well. There are a number of routes we can take in the area, but from previous experience in the area, I'd say we're going to adventure around ten miles through some of the most beautiful desert terrain anywhere. You will need to enter Joshua Tree National Park from the west entrance after turning right off Hwy 62 at Park, and continue past the West Entrance Visitor Center , and then continue 1.

I strongly recommend carpooling, as parking spaces are limited there is a little dirt parking area for four or five cars on the left hand side of the road as you will be driving , but we can also park a few cars along the roadside if need be. I usually arrange to meet my hikers just inside the West Entrance to the park around 9: I would suggest layering your hiking outfit, and will update you in the comments as to the weather near the date of the hike. Of course, bring along some trail snacks, a lunch, and at least two to three liters of hydration.

Ready to jump and jive? Not sure about your dancing skills? Join one of the dance lessons taking place throughout the day. Be sure to wear your best swing era clothing for the "best dressed" contest. I will try to host the party next year myself in my back yard. Most Mondays from Practice short, timed writings from writing prompts a la Peter Elbow or Natalie Goldberg. Get our ideas hopping and our acceptance expanding! For complete beginners to seasoned old hands. Please bring paper and pen or pencil instead of planning to write on a laptop or a phone unless you have a disability that prevents you from writing by hand.

This is a great chance to encourage nimble writer's minds, to stretch, to bypass our critic and censor, practice sharing our impromptu work, grow larger in ourselves, connect. Where our room is When you walk into the library, you'll immediately turn right and walk to the big meeting room just past the tables of free books. The people working at the library may be unaware we are there. Club meetings are great place to meet others who enjoy kayaking.

The meetings are also an opportunity to learn about kayaking and figure out what you need to start in this great recreational activity. Meetings are held the first Monday of every month from 6: If wine and chocolate are just a few of your favorite things, let's learn about how to bring them together! Pouring the right wine with chocolate treats creates new and unexpected tastes to delight the senses.

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This is a fun class for wine lovers with a sweet tooth! I've attended several of the Total Wines wine classes in the past. They are very informative with generally five or six different selections tasted during the class and the tasting pours are usually generous. Light snacks were served at the previous classes I attended. These classes sell out FAST Click on the link below to purchase your ticket:.

We are coming full circle, so to speak, from our Root chakra and its grounding energetic connect to Earth, to our Crown chakra, our energetic connection to the Universe. The Crown chakra is our connection to the planet and every being on the planet, our connection to the Divine, and our higher selves. Just as the root chakra is the base or foundation anchored into the grounding Earth energy and pulling this energy up and into the chakras above it—the Crown chakra is our bridge to the cosmos, pulling the divine life force energy from above, into the energies of the chakras below.

Samples in periodicals archive:

A balanced Crown chakra can bring feelings of openness, empathy and compassion, happiness, and liberation from our mind, body, and ego. It is also were wisdom flows into us, we understand and learn new information easily in our daily lives, during dream states, and from our higher selves, allowing us to make informed decisions more easily. We are more open-minded and thoughtful beings, connected and inspired through a strong sense of humanitarianism and devotion.

Let's bring our energetic connections full circle, from grounding Earth energy to the expansive, cosmic energies. If you have not attended one of the Healthy Cuddling for Gay Men meet and greet events OR have not previously participated in a cuddle session, please contact the organizer before you RSVP. Join us at our monthly cuddle party for gay men. We have a few common sense rules to ensure everyone's safety and comfort listed below but expect an evening of sublime relaxation, gentle caressing and new connections. We will take a few breaks for socializing and have a few cuddle pros on hand to guide the group through the experience.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a large pillow, if you have one.

Inland Empire Event INFORMATION

Space is limited to 15 men, so please change your RSVP if your plans change. Clean body and fresh breath. No perfumes or fragrances. This meetup is capped at 45 students so please email Ms. This is a educational program we will be focusing on: The Flow of Matter and Energy: The program links the geosphere to the hydrosphere and biosphere by focusing on how energy and matter cycles and flows through a watershed ecosystem and how that system is enriched by water.

Please wear comfortable clothes, hiking shoes or tennis shoes closed toe shoes , bring a refillable water bottle, snacks for your family. Please be sure to nourish your bodies with a good full meal before coming. A disc jockey tries to prove to teenagers' parents that rock 'n' roll is harmless and won't turn their kids into juvenile delinquents. Shawn Mafia is a local singer, songwriter who is also a Depression Era music specialist.

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Chris Perry is a professional pianist who specializes in vintage piano styles. This is the only 50's dance that can be done while sitting down. This is a Great "Fun Ride" and one of the 'Best in the West' with 8 to 10 thousand of our closest cycling friends coming in to ride from all over the country. This is not a race so you may cruise at your own pace.

I would suggest you partner up with riders of a similar pace to ride with. There are numerous Sag Stops with food and drink available along the way.

The Generator Parties of Palm Springs

But still bring your own 'favorite snacks' and drinks. There are 3 main routes to consider: Most of us intermediate riders will do the 50 miler. Robert will be doing the 50 miler. Advanced riders may choose the miler. And of course beginners and occasional riders can do the 25 miles. So this is excellent for riders doing their first ride at these distances. View the 50 mile route: Register online to ensure receiving a free t-shirt. Register onsite and a t-shirt will be included while supplies last.

Online registration closes at Onsite registration available Friday, February 8, from 12pm - 8pm; Saturday, February 9, opening at 6am. Transfers will take place at packet pick-up on Friday and Saturday. Please bring your emailed confirmation and government issued ID with you.

Here's a look at some Singles Meetups happening near Palm Springs.

Link for event details: That code is " 19RCA ". Just go to the ride choices and enter the code where it says "Enter promotional code". Enter the code and then click on "Apply" and then click on "register" to pay at Eventbrite. Have your credit card ready as there is a time limit of 20 minutes. It goes by fast. There are thousands of riders coming in for this event. I do mine about 2 months prior to ensure the best room at the best price. You can still get some rooms close to the time of the event but they may not be the best or the cheapest. Some may bring their Motor Homes and Park near the event.

Some may choose to get up early and drive in the day of the event. Just allow plenty of time for everything. Pack up everything the night before you leave when you have plenty of time to check your gear and bike stuff. One time about 10 years ago I was so rushed to go in the morning and packed in a hurry and when I got there I discovered that I forgot my Bike shorts.

Since I really didn't want to ride in my boxer shorts, haha, I had to quickly find a bike shop and buy some, and got lucky and found some at the last moment. Palm Springs Cyclery S. I suggest we meet up on Friday around 6: And then post a comment to that effect where some are going.

The Pizza place right around the corner is fine. Bills Pizza is name. On Indian Canyon just South of Tahquitz. Ate there last year and it was good and not crowded at all. No reservations needed there. We need to "leave Elmers by 7: Last couple of years we were able to park in the lot one block behind Starbucks and to the North in the parking lot there for free.

See the map where to park: You also may be able to park there the night before to go get your registration packet at the expo which is nearby on North Palm Canyon Dr. Robert will lead the 50 miler so see him for details or questions. Another time we walked 1 long scenic block South to "Kaiser Grill" and ate.