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Funnily, despite having such a belief, I still experienced heartbreaks anyway — once in my teens , and another time in my 20s. While each heartbreak was painful, they made me stronger and wiser. I remember when I started giving speeches in the first year of my business. To get the word out about my service, I reached out to different organizations and pitched to them. Rather than avoid rejection, learn to handle it. The universe wants to give you what you want — create the chance for it to do so.

As an inferior twelve-year-old, this incident left me feeling worse about myself.

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Meeting up in person then allowed us to build a deeper connection. Doing so will keep you from meeting amazing people and make you constantly live in fear. So, trust freely while being smart about how you handle toxic people. Cut off the bad eggs while opening yourself to receive new people into your life. Before I started pursuing my dreams, there was a brief moment when I worried about failing.

5 Limiting Beliefs to Dump if You Want to Succeed in Dating - Acing Life

What if I fail? What would happen to my life? Would I be deemed a failure, a loser, a good-for-nothing?

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I could simply just do this over and over until I succeed. This was a big aha because I was able to pursue my dreams without fear after that. Things took off after a few months and I never had to explore the option of returning to the corporate world. How can you learn from your failures? How can you turn your failures into success? Some men like thin women. Some men like women with curves. Some men like Asian women. Some men like uber intelligent women.

Limiting Belief #2: “I can’t fall in love or I’ll get my heart broken.”

Do you like every type of guy? The same theory applies to women. It means you need to go find the one who DOES find you attractive! My best friend says this. Its a tool just like going to a bar or joining a club or getting out in public to meet others. How about thinking you CAN do things? I think we all hate dating online. We would all much rather meet someone the traditional, old fashioned way.

But the older you get, the harder this gets. No longer are we going to college parties, hanging out with friends as much, hitting clubs or bars or starting new jobs.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs And Start Dating Beautiful Women

Anyone can date online. Yes, it can be irritating and frustrating. But, so is dating in general. Why not open up your pool of men?

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I have actually met two long term boyfriends online. Think of dating online like a buffet. Instead of going to a sit down meal where there is only one guy, there are TONS of guys and you can choose which ones you like, which ones you want to talk to and which ones you want to date. If you think negatively, then no, you will never find someone. If you think all men are liars, cheaters and players, then no, you will never find someone.

So, before you cast stones and before you judge take a deep look inside. Have you dealt with your issues enough to allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable with another human being? If you believe you will never find someone then you never will.

5 Limiting Beliefs to Dump if You Want to Succeed in Dating

The only reason you will remain alone forever is your own limiting beliefs on what you deserve. Our beliefs manifest our reality.

If we believe we will always be poor, then we will always be poor. If we believe we will always be alone, we will always be alone. You do not have to believe anything that limits your life or your future or your relationships. You can have the love you deserve. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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