Dating guys ten years older

I love your story! Congrats on almost 1 years! Time flies when your with someone you love! I love how honest you are about your struggles. Seeing other couples work through it often helps others. As someone in a long distance relationship I know that unusual dating set ups can be judged harshly or unfairly.

You have a beautiful love story, and I wish you both so many more years of happiness! My boyfriend and I are only 3 years apart and I still notice little differences. I remember one time we got an email from our landlord shortly after I moved in with him saying our renters insurance had expired.

I completely freaked out and thought we were being evicted or something.


It turned out my boyfriend had already renewed the insurance so he just sent the forms over again. I felt like a total child for not knowing how our lease worked and for freaking out over nothing. Both my sisters are in relationships that are at least ten years difference. And as I can see you can attest to it works in all shapes and sizes.

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I think relationships are all about the couple. These are all things that people with age differences experience, but it seems like you all are able to work together to handle them. It sounds like fate was working in your favor. I love this post and you bring up so many good points.

This is so interesting. I never really took a long time to think about what the age difference would be like. You guys seem to have such a beautiful relationship and you know I always love your personal, reflective pieces.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating someone older than you

My fiance is 5 years older than me and I give him crap all of the time. The fact that when we marry, he will be 30!!! This is so sweet!

The market is SO high in Dallas, yet I see people in other parts of the country who are even younger than I am and can afford huge houses. This is such incredible insight! Love this so much! This is so true!

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My dad is 10 years older than my mom and they have been married almost 25 years. My mom says it works because my dad still acts like a 15 year old.

My husband is 11 years older than me. They were very curious as to what a 33 year old wanted with a 22 year old. But as soon as they met him they loved him. My parents are 10 years apart and they love it! But there were still obstacles, as with any relationship! This is such a beautiful post. I love the sweet relationship you two have and I appreciate you sharing the fun and not so fun parts of the age difference.

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I never cared about age, because if you love someone, then love always wins. I really enjoyed reading your story. I was married at 19 to my high school sweetheart and we will be together 6 years on Monday and married a year in half already. We all come from a completely unique background, brought up in a completely unique family, so I do think it all depends on the two people and whether or not they make it work.

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I have friends who date and marry men younger than themselves, and it seems to work for them just fine. But to me, it never seemed like much. Probably because my first boyfriend, who I dated for almost five years, was just over thirty years my senior. I was a teenager and he was in his early fifties. He had a mortgage, a car and a career before I was even born. From school, where I would form adoring romantic attachments to members of the teaching staff while my friends lusted over Justin Bieber, to my gap year, where everyone else took off around the world and shagged surf instructors while I stayed in London, going to restaurants and concerts with men who were old enough to be my father.

I totally understand the appeal of dating younger men. Especially when I was in my late teens and very early twenties, new to London and nervous about the world around me. I liked the safety that came with going to dinner with someone who would choose the restaurant, tell me what time we were going to meet and carry on a conversation about the world around me.

I saw dating as a learning experience, and the idea of going to Pizza Express with a bloke I met at a house party before going home to shag him in his shared house? Just not for me. People can be selfish, struggle with commitment or refuse to communicate properly however old they are.

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In fact it was probably one of the better parts of the equation. At the time I thought it was my fault, now I realise that if you go out with someone who is very young and very naive, you have a responsibility to treat them a little more gently. But every woman I know has dated people who have treated her badly.

The only difference is that I got to be taken advantage of at nice restaurants, smart hotels, and the theatre.